My name is Kristina Mahr, and I am a writer, a reader, an absolute adorer of words. (So, it makes complete sense that my day job is accounting!) My primary focus is young adult novels, and my first young adult fantasy novel, All That We See or Seem, was released May 2018 from Uncommon Universes Press, with the sequel, A Dream Within a Dream, published in March 2019! I also dabble in short stories, which are the best playground for words I have discovered yet, and I play with short-form prose and poetry. My first poetry collection, It’s Only Words, was released in July 2018, with the follow-up, I Wrote You a Poempublished in January 2019. My third collection, Anyway, I Reach, is coming out July 2, 2019 and is now available for preorder!

“Trust dreams. Trust your heart, and trust your story.” – Neil Gaiman


(Photo credit: Robin Hansen Photography)