It’s Only Words

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It's only words ebook cover

It’s Only Words is a collection of poetry and prose pulled from the exhilarating heights and bittersweet depths of love and loss. There are words within that floated free, helium-filled, and then there are those that came up with roots, dripping blood. But they are all written, all remembered. Twenty-six letters, arranged and rearranged, to somehow hold so much.

This was a labor of love.

There is something powerful about giving weight to words. So I always knew that, at some point, I’d want to do this. I knew I’d want this record, to hold in my hands the past two years of my life.

So I pored through some 800 of my poems and short-form prose, most of which can be found over on my Instagram account.

And I picked my favorites. The most representative of this stretch of my life.

All I see in any of these words are memories.

I hope that whoever reads it finds themselves somewhere in the words.

And the cover. THE COVER. I could stare at it forever.

Thank you, always, for indulging me in this. I do it because I love it, but also because I am so supported in it by so many people.


Signed copies available here.


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