The Ways We Fall: A Choose Your Own Adventure Story

He’s waiting at the end of the aisle with that look in his eyes, the one that sends shivers down your spine. It’s softened at the edges, though. Love, adoration, desire, all laid out for the world to see.

He got his hair cut recently, but as usual, it’s not obeying his comb. Your fingers twitch with the desire to reach out and brush the wayward blonde strands off his forehead.

The bridesmaids are brushing tears from the corners of their eyes, standing in perfect symmetry across from the friends he has chosen to stand beside him.

The purple lilacs are giving off an intoxicating smell, and the harpist is flawlessly in harmony with the pianist as strains of Canon in D float through the church.

It is the wedding of your dreams, and the groom is the man of your dreams.

But you are not the bride.

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