Short Stories

I have a short story called “Isn’t It Cruel” in an anthology called A Kind of Death, which was released in October 2019. More info can be found right here.

In March 2016, my writing partner Jenna and I launched a short story project, where we each wrote one short story a week. You can find those stories at:

Band of Dreamers: A Collection of Short Stories

Look at the hashtag at the bottom of each post to see who the story is by! Jenna and I alternated weeks and worked from a list of prompts we created that swing wildly from whimsical to emotional, from insightful to outlandish, and everything in between.

Links to individual stories:

#1: Walls and Fissures (Prompt: Girl running up and grabbing a wall to climb over it)

#2: A Slippery Slope (Prompt: A boy with the personality of a cat)

#3: Heartfire (Prompt: Literal hearts on fire)

#4: The Calico (Prompt: What if we could ride cats?)

#5: Arsenic and Cobalt (Prompt: What if you were an element and had a conscious mind?)

#6: A Lifetime and More (Prompt: Teleporting carousel)

#7: Fear Itself (Prompt: What if you were the scariest thing in the world?)

#8: The Hunt (Prompt: Literal hunt for a virgin bride)

#9: Once Upon a Time (Prompt: What if you could catch immortality?)

#10: Cade and Abram (Prompt: Pine trees made of real needles)

#11: Soul Song (Prompt: What if you could heal others, but it cost you part of your soul each time?)

#12: Rivers and Tributaries (Prompt: A world where everyone will go blind at some point in their lives, but nobody knows when their time will be.)

#13: Symphony of Stars (Prompt: Everyone’s life is attached to a star.)

#14: Gene Kelly and Zombies (Prompt: The moon turns people into stone zombies.)

#15: Heart of the Matter (Prompt: You can only love three people at a given time.)

#16: Forever and Yesterday (Prompt: Two brothers, an alligator, and a quilt)

#17: Milton Must Have Been an Idiot (Prompt: Centaurs in everyday life)

#18: To Die Will Be An Awfully Big Adventure (Prompt: You get to choose between two last moments of your life)

#19: Remember Me (Prompt: Mother Nature is a visible woman in the sky.)

#20: I Went to a Party (Prompt: What if one member of your family was mute but had all of the answers to your problems)

#21: His Happiness is My Happiness (Prompt: Role reversal of dogs and people)

I also wrote a Christmas short story in December 2018, which you can find right here:

A Christmas to Remember

In February 2020, I wrote a Valentines Day short story, which you can find right here:

A Valentine’s Day to Remember

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