Other Writing

Outside of the novel, short story, and Instagram platforms (I love words excessively, as you can tell), I will reserve this space here for linking to anywhere else my writing appears. Thank you, as always, for reading! Any and every opportunity to share my words with anyone out there who would like to read them is wonderful, and I am grateful to all of you.

Thought Catalog:

How Do You Save Her From Herself? (9.22.17)

I Was The Tinder And You Set Me On Fire (12.5.17)

For The Love Of A Dog (12.7.17)

Who I Was Before You (1.3.18)

I Am My Best Thing (1.14.18)

What This Life Could Be (1.30.18)

I Sold A Memory Today (2.22.18)

What Nobody Tells You (3.16.18)

I Won’t Let Go (4.14.18)

How Long Does Heartbreak Last? (5.13.18)

Do You Still Remember Us? (6.21.18)

You Aren’t The World (7.26.18)

When Your Head Knows, But Your Heart is Still Learning (9.19.18)

I Carved A Hole In My Chest For You (10.25.18)

Tell Me About Your Heart (11.28.18)

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