Currently undergoing #RevPit revisions. Scheduled to be completed May 20, 2019.

Inspired by a short story called Heartfire, which I wrote on April 9, 2016.

In a world where heartbreak manifests physically as heartfire, love could quite literally kill you. So… is it worth the risk?

Eighteen-year-old Juliana Wells has always been quite sure it isn’t. After a childhood spent visiting heartfire scenes with her fire chief dad, she knows firsthand how quickly it can go from head over heels to embers, to ash. She has a whole life she wants to live, and she can’t live it if she’s dead of something as stupid as heartfire. So no, she has no intention of falling in love. Not now, not ever.

What she didn’t count on was Ezra. When her best friend Mavi falls in love with his brother, they are thrown together as she tries desperately to prevent Mavi’s heart from going up in flames. All of a sudden, her careful plans to keep her heart firmly in its place, with its barbed wire borders and No Trespassing signs, are in danger of falling apart thanks to his tug of a smile and penchant for taking the simplest moments and stretching them into magic.

After a life of black and white, of certainty, of knowing who she is and what she wants, one summer spent amidst the sunflowers with her best friend and the boys who could be the death of them puts everything at risk. But maybe there’s more to life than just surviving it.

Maybe there’s really and truly living it.