The Tomorrows of Eleanor Young

Currently in revisions.

To seventeen-year-old Eleanor Young, “tomorrow” is the scariest word.

There aren’t many options available to a young woman in 1880s Colorado, and there are even fewer available to El ever since her parents died and her brother left. With money and hope at an all-time low, the last thing she needs is a bloodied outlaw showing up on her front porch in the middle of the night.

Or maybe that’s the very thing she needs.

Jamie is trouble, no doubt about it, but he also happens to be in possession of a map that could be the answer to some of her problems.

He himself could be the answer to the rest of them.

What starts out as blackmail and a little white lie to buy some time blossoms into something that suddenly has El looking forward to tomorrow. But Jamie’s past is catching up to him, and a secret in a town as small as Bluebonnet doesn’t stay a secret for long.

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