2019 Winner of #RevPit

Currently on submission.

Inspired by a short story called Heartfire, which I wrote on April 9, 2016.

In a world where heartbreak physically manifests as heartfire, love could quite literally kill you.

Eighteen-year-old Juliana Wells has always been quite sure love isn’t worth the risk. After years of visiting heartfire scenes with her fire chief dad, she knows firsthand how quickly love can go from head over heels to an inferno, to ashes. She has college in the fall and big dreams to chase, and she can’t do any of that if she’s dead of something as stupid as heartfire. So no, she has no intention of ever falling in love.

What she didn’t count on was her best friend Mavi falling in love with a boy named Bastian Vaughn, whose twin brother Ezra challenges everything Juliana has always believed about love. Desperately trying to prevent Mavi’s heart from going up in flames, Juliana finds herself thrown together with Ezra over and over again, her carefully drawn lines blurring. All of a sudden, her lifelong plans to keep her heart firmly in its place, with its barbed wire borders and No Trespassing signs, are in danger of falling apart thanks to the unexpected way he sees the world and allows her to see it, too, and his penchant for taking the simplest moments and stretching them into magic.

After a life of black and white, of knowing who she is and what she wants, one summer spent amidst the sunflowers with her best friend and the boys who could very well be the death of them, puts everything at risk. If only she could know if this is a risk worth taking… or the beginning of the end.

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