Abram and Cade Devouré will live until the world burns to the ground, it is said.

Until Cade burns it to the ground, it is said.

Abram rules Rhennir alongside his brother, who is at the best of times a handful of matches waiting to be struck and at the worst of times an inferno. If Cade has any goodness in him, he has shown no sign of it in the 267 years during which they have ruled their respective halves of their country. Abram bears the weight of their immortality heavily upon his back. Each year, each day, each minute. He feels the guilt and shame of watching Cade torture, murder, and destroy anything good, anything he can.

Two sisters for two brothers.

Tessa has no desire to marry a man she has only just met, and even less of a desire to see her dearest sister married off to the hellspawn Lord of the East by her indifferent parents. She will do anything – anything – to save Merritt, but she reluctantly accepts that she can’t do it alone. For the first time in her life, she will have to trust and rely upon someone other than herself.

Abram sees in Tessa the fire and spirit which his unending life has stripped from him. He also sees an opportunity to make amends for his centuries of watching Cade inflict pain upon the world. But to end his brother’s reign, sacrifices must be made.

How else do you stop a man whose fate is tied to the stars?


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