All That We See or Seem

Coming 2018 from Uncommon Universes Press!


One girl was not meant to lead two lives.

The only happy dreams seventeen-year-old Lady Reeve Lennox knows come during the day, when she envisions a life of adventure and love. Every night when she falls asleep, though, she finds herself in a nightmare world, an invisible witness to the horrors that lie within. She wanders the streets and tries to drown out the gleeful screeches of monsters, the terrified screams of their victims.

Suddenly being visible should not be a blessing, and certainly would not be one, were it not for the boy – the boy with star-filled eyes and a smile that makes her heartbeat an unreliable measure of time. He makes her forget that this is a nightmare, not a dream, that every step outside is a risk in this world and that its residents are preparing for war.

But every morning, she must tuck him away behind a door in her mind so that she can face her real life. Because while she is falling deeper into the world in her dreams, she finds herself engaged in her real life to a mercurial man who breathes fire and flattery like other people breathe air, a man who has long been cured of his belief in love.

All Reeve has ever wanted is for her life to begin. But love comes at a price, she learns, and not all adventures end happily.

Genre: YA Fantasy


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