A Dream Within a Dream Release Day

Welcome to the world, A Dream Within a Dream!

I love you just as much as your older sibling, if not more because you’re so much younger and cuter and you have so much more war in you.

No, I couldn’t choose a favorite. They represent such different things to me, this pair. All That We See or Seem was a multi-year battle. It was writing and rewriting and revising and trying to figure out how one goes about writing a whole book. I learned while I wrote it, and I credit that book with so much.

A Dream Within a Dream was two months of Skyping with my writing partner in hours-long writing sprints, the Winter Olympics muted in the background, reconnecting with my girl Reeve. Getting to do what I’d always hoped to do but wasn’t sure I’d ever have the opportunity to — finishing her story. Seeing what came after that terribly mean cliffhanger ending I put her and Bran and all of my readers through.

One of the best feelings in this world is being proud of what you’ve created. I am proud of what I’ve created. I know that I can stand behind it as it makes its way out into the world without flinching or saying “I know, I could have done that better.”

Because, no, I could not have done this better. Maybe years from now, yes, when I grow and evolve as an author, but I wrote the book I wanted to write, the best that I could, and I can’t wait for everyone to read it. I hope you love it. I hope there are lines you highlight and reread. I hope it means something to you in some way.

I’ve always said that my favorite chapter in ATWSOS is Chapter 32.

My favorite chapter in ADWAD? 17.

It starts with my favorite line from the Poe poem from which the title comes, which I pulled so much inspiration from. The line that I got tattooed on my left arm the day ATWSOS came out.

“I stand amid the roar.”

That line gives me chills every time, in the poem and on my arm and in my story.

I have so many of other lines that I adore and that mean something, several of which are spoilers though, so I’ll just leave you with this one:

“And I wonder, then, if we should all be starved for the wonders of the world every now and then, so we can look at them through fresh eyes and know well enough to weep for how beautiful it all really is.”

Thank you for coming with me on this journey. It has meant the world.


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