2018 in the Rearview Mirror

What can I say about this year… it has been a YEAR. An absolute 365 day year.

If you remember my post from last year, 2017 was a true upheaval. In contrast, 2018 has been the pieces that were thrown into the air in 2017 falling into their proper places.

As you probably know by now if you’re here, my debut novel, All That We See or Seem, was published! People got to know Reeve, Bran, and Arden (the optimist, the realist, and the cynic), and it has filled me with so much joy.

I released my first poetry collection, It’s Only Words. 200 poems pried out of my brain/heartspace and unleashed unto the world. It was terrifying at first, but now it has been nothing but gratifying.

I wrote A Dream Within a Dream, the sequel to ATWSOS, and got it all revised and polished and pretty. It’s been so bittersweet to say goodbye to that crew, but I can say with 100% assurance that I gave them the ending I wanted.

I also wrote and revised Heartfire, which is the exploration of love and heartbreak I direly needed and wanted to write. I still reread that story from time to time, I adore it that much.

I wrote half of Then I Defy You, Stars, which is shaping up to be my most humor-filled novel, while also a deep dive into choice vs fate. I’m really excited for what that story will become.

I started revising my adult contemporary novel, The Ways We Fall, which will be released early next year through Radish Fiction. I cannot WAIT for everyone to get to meet Tristan and Sara, my original fictional friends.

I really amped up my poetry life, writing hundreds and hundreds of poems throughout the year and way surpassing my goal of reaching 500 followers – it sits somewhere around 900 right now! Very grateful for all of the support on that end.

I contributed 12 pieces to Thought Catalog, which allowed me to basically explore the same non-fiction themes of my poetry, but more deeply and in prose form.

I attended YallWest in Santa Monica, the Children’s Writing Workshop in Big Sur, and events for Tahereh Mafi, Sabaa Tahir, and Sarah J. Maas, furthering my knowledge of the craft and excitement for all things books/writing.

I read 20 books, which… isn’t great. It’s exactly half of what I was aiming for this year, but as you can tell from above, I was a little busy. I will definitely try to amp this up for 2019, though.

It was…. a Very Writing Year. I have never felt more creatively fulfilled and optimistic about the path I’m on. And grateful that I found this path.

What are my goals for 2019?

– Usher my second-born, A Dream Within a Dream, out into the world.
– Finish drafting and revise Then I Defy You, Stars.
– Finish revising The Ways We Fall.
– Write at least one fresh new book.
– Release my second poetry collection.
– Continue playing with and writing poetry.
– Enjoy the now. One eye can stay on the horizon, but the other one better be right here. (This will make it hard for people to meet my eyes, but it’ll be fine.) Soak. it. in. Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude.

“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language. And next year’s words await another voice. And to make an end is to make a beginning.”

– T.S. Eliot –

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